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From The Edge of Justice to Crossing the Line, Clinton McKinzie has captivated readers with thrillers that combine heart-pounding action with searing human drama – and feature a truly unforgettable hero, Special Agent Antonio Burns. Now McKinzie delivers a new novel filled with his trademarks – the thrill of danger, the clash between the law and the lawless, and the struggles of a family bound by love, loyalty, and a hunger for adventure. Here McKinzie takes us to a stark Wyoming landscape, where one tragic moment plunges Antonio Burns into a whirlpool of hate, violence, and revenge.

Antonio Burns is at a crossroads – he rarely sees his six-month-old daughter, and his career has spiraled downward from hotshot golden boy to nearly having his badge confiscated. And things are about to get even worse. When a ten-year-old boy dies in a drowning incident in Badwater, Wyoming, the townspeople want the tourist they feel is responsible convicted of murder. In an already explosive case, Burns has been forced into working for the prosecution – and when a media-hungry celebrity lawyer takes over the defense, justice turns into a charade.

The spellbinding story of a cop drawn to danger, a community steeped in hatred, and an explosive mix of opportunists, idealists, and a few very bad men, Badwater is a taut, thunderous novel – and Clinton McKinzie at his electrifying best.

Hardcover Release 2005
Paperback 2006


Rocky Mountain News Bestseller List
Denver Post Bestseller List


"A breath of bracing mountain air. ... McKinzie makes Burns’s love of rock climbing an important part of his hero’s life — without allowing this passion to overshadow his exciting stories."
-- Publishers Weekly.

"...This is one hard-driving crime thriller that is sure to keep your attention. The characters are well developed, the scenes are realistic and the situation is believable. Burns' efforts to scale the impossible cliff, while being a metaphor for his situation, are both meticulously accurate in their technicality and a testament to his inner strength and tenacity. And I couldn't help but notice that the ending leaves open almost any possibility for the next installment in the series."
-- Steven B. Beach, Winston-Salem Journal

"Colorado author Clinton McKinzie has done it again with his fifth novel, Badwater. He has written a story based on a real event, complicated the action and spiced up the characters. .... McKinzie's ability to come up with a complex plot incorporating current legal dilemmas, human frailties and the potentially deadly hazards provided by Mother Nature has given readers a story that is sure to thrill and satisfy. The potential for growth, especially in view of choices made as Badwater concludes, makes the reader look forward to Anton's next adventure."
-- Leslie Doran, The Denver Post

"McKinzie's narrative thread is straightforward and uncluttered by complexity, while maintaining an unpredictable storyline during which literally anything can happen, and usually does. What is really important here is McKinzie's first-rate storytelling, which enables even readers encountering Burns for the first time to feel familiar and comfortable with a storyline that gradually has been unfolding over the course of several novels. And while Burns's --- and McKinzie's --- predilection with rock climbing might be off-putting to those not similarly addicted, in this novel it serves as more of an allegory than as a backdrop to the main story."
-- Joe Hartlaub,

"McKinzie returns with his fifth outing featuring the indomitable Burns brothers in another spectacular and electrifying read that is sure to cause breathless tension in his many fans. ... Don't miss this wonderfully exhilarating addition to the series, if only to see if Antonio can do it right this time."
-- Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

"With the Burns brothers, you'll learn some fascinating details about climbing, but the real writin' is about the battle to be the best you can be. And you'll never be buried in a tedious 400-word description of the Pentagon's latest technology. There are five books in the series. Collect 'em all."
-- Myles Knapp, Contra Costa Times

"McKinzie’s rock-climbing expertise and his ability to write clean, dramatic action scenes make his fifth thriller starring Antonio “Ant” Burns a breath of bracing mountain air. ... McKinzie makes Burns’s love of rock climbing an important part of his hero’s life — without allowing this passion to overshadow his exciting stories."
-- Publishers Weekly

"McKinzie's experience as a Denver deputy district attorney serves him well as he creates a realistic and suspenseful crime drama. His legal knowledge is reflected in chapters set in courtrooms and jailhouses, and his time spent at the crags affords him the ability to paint accurate pictures of Wyoming climbing...McKinzie's characters reflect the rawness of human nature. His insight into the basic nature of man (and woman) is no doubt the result of McKinzie's years working with people, often transgressors of the law. Few of his characters, including Burns and his rivals, are entirely good, nor are many entirely bad. Pride, vanity and revenge number among only a few of the seven deadly sins that infect each of McKinzie's characters to some degree. ... Such gritty realism is rarely reflected in today's candy-coated mainstream novels. (McKinzie has) mastery of page-turning suspense."
-- Kasey Cordell, The Daily Camera

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