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Clinton McKinzie writes powerhouse thrillers that are like nothing you've ever read - novels that crackle with raw emotion and brilliantly explore the nature of risk: the risk that lovers take, adventurers seek, and men and women live with on both sides of the law.

In an unforgettable new novel, set against the breathtaking Rocky Mountain landscape he has made his own, the acclaimed author of Trial by Ice and Fire brings back Special Agent Antonio Burns and his renegade brother, Roberto - two men who have chosen very different lives, now coming together to make a treacherous descent into a world of loss, betrayal, and terror.

Antonio Burns is a cop, not a saint. Having earned the scornful nickname "QuickDraw" for a shooting that went very wrong, the Wyoming narcotics agent is fighting for redemption and holding on to his family with all the strength he possesses. His brother, Roberto, is another story. His quicksilver heart, hair-trigger temper, and unquenchable hunger for adrenaline rushes have landed him in prison - and make him the right person for an FBI agent with a plan. Agent Mary Chang - cool, collected, and always under control - wants to take down Jesus Hidalgo, a murderous drug lord who has moved his methamphetamine operation from Mexico to a remote Wyoming canyon. In Roberto, Chang has found someone who can penetrate Hidalgo's heavily guarded crime ranch. And she has found a man who can quickly take her to her own wild side.

Now, while Mary and his brother watch over him, Roberto goes to work for Hidalgo for the promise of a free pass from prison. But Roberto can't stay with any script for long, and soon starts making up the game as he goes along. With Antonio sure that his brother is taking the ultimate death trip, and Chang guarding a secret of her own, the perfect plan starts to veer wildly off course. And no one is prepared for the dark forces that are about to engulf them - or the final betrayal that will send them to the dizzying heights and abysmal depths of love and loss.

A novel that plunges like a knife, Crossing the Line is vintage Clinton McKinzie: brilliant, breathless, and utterly impossible to put down.

Hardcover Release by Delacorte 2004
Paperback Release 2005
Published in Polish


Denver Post Top Ten Bestseller List


"In Crossing the Line, McKinzie again draws from his own background as a rock climber for breathtaking scenes. McKinzie not only brings the mountaintop to the reader, but he's also prepared to make the most of it. Even those of us who are afraid of heights will understand why this sport is so popular. In Crossing the Line, McKinzie also clambers down to the deep underground where an abandoned mine provides the center of a meth lab. The author succeeds in making the climb down just as much of an adrenaline rush as the climbs upward."
-- Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"McKinzie has crafted a gripping thriller that is truly impossible to put down. To set the stage, I highly recommend reading the first three in his series. … Thrillers do not come any better than this. … McKinzie will reel you into the story slowly until you can't remember when you started turning the pages so feverishly, then he socks you with a denouement that is brutal, exciting and, in this particular case, utterly heartbreaking. This is undoubtedly the best of the series so far."
-- Frances Tate, Times Record News

"If you pick up this latest from McKinzie, you might want to consider getting something to strap you in at the same time. Reading like a high-grade action movie, this stunning and absolutely breathtaking ride is gloriously addictive. … Non-stop thrills and adventure, plenty of pathos, and some heartbreaking scenes that will render the reader breathless. McKinzie keeps getting better, deeper, and more intense with each outing."
-- New Mystery Reader Magazine

"Crossing the Line will keep the adrenaline junkie turning pages. McKinzie's fantastic use of conflict, both inner and outer, will be no less demanding of those who want to learn how Antonio fares in the end."
-- Steven Beach, Winston-Salem Journal

"Antonio Burns, a.k.a. 'Quick-Draw,' is back, along with his sheepish wolf dog Mungo, and that will make climbers and mystery-adventure lovers happy. ... [McKinzie's] work contains what may be the most authentic climbing scenes and descriptions found in the fiction world."
-- Bill Stall, LA Times Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

"... when the Burns brothers are high up on a rock face or hunting down evil banditos, the pace and intensity shoot skyward. Readers will find themselves hanging on by their fingernails as they wait to see who will fall and who will live to climb again."
-- Publishers Weekly

"… A gripping new novel by the acclaimed Denver writer … a daring adventure that cuts like a knife and has all the adrenalin its author finds climbing rock walls like his fictional alter ego."
-- The Windsor Star

"Crossing the Line left me in open-mouthed wonderment at how good it was. C'mon start climbing. You won't regret it."
-- McIntyre's Fine Books

"McKinzie…his most vital gift is exploring the fine line between right and wrong."
-- Miles Knapp, Contra Costa Times

"I found Clinton McKinzie's book, the latest in a series of thrillers starring Agent Burns, to be an enthralling read. Lucid and evocative desciptions of...the camaraderie of climbing trips."
-- Ted Callahan, Climbing Magazine

"...Guaranteed lively reads...sympathetic characters surrounded by interesting people ... beautiful and slightly wild locales, setting up situations that grab the imagination."
-- Leslie Doran, Denver Post

"McKinzie's books are high-energy thrillers with great insight into the issues of the modern West."
-- The Mystery Bookstore, Los Angeles

"Almost impossible to put down once you start reading."
--Diane Margolin, The Santa Monica Star

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