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Combining high-altitude climbing action with sizzling courtroom drama and raw tension, The Edge of Justice is a thriller like no other. Set amid the towering beauty of Wyoming and the gritty underbelly of crime, here is storytelling on a grand scale — a gut-wrenching debut novel that features one of recent fiction’s most original and complex heroes: Special Agent Antonio Burns — cop, brother, son, risk-taker.

Burns knows the hunger that drives climbers up the faces of mountains — it’s a hunger that has shaped his life and pushed his brother, Roberto, onto the wrong side of the law.

A climber by nature and a cop by trade, Anton has come to Laramie, Wyoming, to investigate a young woman’s deadly plunge. But as he digs deeper into the case, Anton is certain he has found a murder ... and a stunning connection to the trial of two men about to be executed for a crime they did not commit.

But Anton is running out of time. As two lives hang in the balance, another woman is killed, and Anton believes the answers he seeks are hidden amid a dangerous group of adrenaline junkies ... and in the towering shadows of jagged peaks. Suddenly, Anton knows he has only one option. With a beautiful reporter sharing his investigation, he must make a harrowing ascent: up a forbidding mountainside — to bring a
killer down from the deadliest kind of high.

Racing to a white-knuckle climax on treacherous high-altitude terrain, The Edge of Justice is a novel of runaway tension: fresh, intelligent, and as unforgettably menacing as it gets.

Hardcover Release by Delacorte Press 2002
Paperback Super Release by Dell Books
Books-on-Tape Release 2002
Australian and New Zealand Release
Published in Portuguese and Japanese


Booksense 76 Summer Mystery Top Ten
(Independent Bookseller Recommendations)
Poisoned Pen Awards List
Top 20 First Mysteries
Summer reading pick in USA Today
Summer reading pick in the Washington Post
Summer reading pick in the Courier Post Online
Summer reading pick in the The News Journal
Summer Reading Pick #1 - Book 'Em
Denver Post Bestseller List
Penzler Pick on
Books-On-Tape Top 30 Fiction Best Sellers
Poisoned Pen Top 10 Paperbacks
USA Today Bestseller List


"McKinzie's flair for characterization brings many fully realized personalities to the pages of his story … delves into the climber's mind, revealing the complex emotions fired by the addictive thrill of extreme climbing ... an admirable beginning to what is likely to prove to be a long and distinguished career as an author."
-- Leslie Doran, Denver Post

"A fast-paced and promising debut."
-- The Washington Post

"An exciting crime novel…adrenaline-filled story….A nail-biter all the way."
-- Toronto Sun

"Action-packed…[a] page-turner."
-- USA Today

"McKinzie packs his first novel with a wealth of rock-climbing detail while winningly depicting the clash between the new-century West's yeoman and yuppies."
-- New York Daily News

"Climber/Author Hits Literary Heights on First Attempt"
-- Jack Cox, Denver Post

"McKinzie knows his wild Wyoming, and also how to keep things moving briskly…. [The Edge of Justice] gets good marks for ringing a change or two on the chase thriller, and we’re now promised a prequel, starring the same gutsy hero.”
-- Publishers Weekly

"McKinzie has talent: a sense of character and dialogue, the imagination to construct a unique and complex plot."
-- Booklist

"McKinzie takes us to the mountaintop, dangles us over the precipice with good plotting and realistic characters and then slowly reels us back in with - literally - death-defying suspense. The Edge of Justice delivers one of the strongest debuts of the year."
-- Oline Cogdill, Chicago Tribune

"This book signals the start of a great new career. Clinton McKinzie delivers a story pulsing with intrigue and character that is as poetic as it is harrowing. This one's a true winner."
-- Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author

"A riveting and powerfully unique thriller."
-- Iris Johansen, New York Times bestselling author

"A tremendous debut novel, a high-octane, adrenaline-powered ride that features a terrific new hero."
-- Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author

"Clinton McKinzie gets so much right in this novel -- mood, place, character, prose -- that you have to keep reminding yourself that this is his first book.…He knows the mountain west, he knows the law, and he knows how to tell a story that won't let go."
-- Stephen White, New York Times bestselling author

"An adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding thrill ride with a terrifying climax that left me clenching for a handhold. Clinton McKinzie writes with the voice of a true adventurer."
-- Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author

"An exciting, clever, and whip-smart action thriller -- Clinton McKinzie is a talent to watch."
-- Robert Tanenbaum, New York Times bestselling author

"You can almost feel the rock beneath your fingers and the air beneath your heels as you race through the pages. McKinzie brings the bizarre and exciting world of climbing addicts to life with such skill and passion that there can be little doubt he is a novelist with a bright future."
-- Kyle Mills, New York Times bestselling author

"McKinzie weaves a fascinating and very readable story here. With climbing scenes that are authentically exciting and very plausible characters, this is an impressive first novel."
-- Otto Penzler, June Penzler Pick

"A tough, taut thriller with fascinating insights into the world of extreme rock climbing...McKinzie hammers his action and suspense home like a bolt into a rock face."
-- Perri O'Shaughnessy, New York Times bestselling author

"A heart-pounding thriller. McKinzie creates a taut read filled with psychopathic killers, monstrous cliffs, and hairpin twists that will leave you gasping for more."
-- Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author

"A stunning debut by a gifted writer. This book combines two of the most exciting things on earth-rock - climbing and courtrooms - to produce a spellbinding thriller. Clinton McKinzie knows how to grab your attention and hold it to the very last page - and beyond."
-- William Bernhardt, award-winning author

"An altogether smashing debut by an author who will clearly be with us for years to come. McKinzie's fast-paced tale of murder and political intrigue set against the backdrop of Wyoming rock-climbing wilderness will leave readers breathless….Don't miss it."
-- Les Standiford, award-winnning author

"True love of the sport of extreme climbing adds a different element to the story and sets a realistic tone in dialogue and description... Look for more from an author who, if this book proves to be more than a "one-hit wonder," will find himself with a movie deal."
-- Angi Gay, Decatur Daily

"… the ride is terrific…Antonio has icon potential."
-- The Poisoned Pen, Mystery Bookstore

"This debut combines a very well-written cop thriller with the adrenaline of mountain climbing to produce a book rich in mood, characters, setting and action. We both feel this is a book we can proudly handsell."
-- Barry Martin and Jean Utley, Book 'Em Mysteries

"Wow.. .fresh characters, on the edge of your seat plot, a plucky leading man. Put these together and you have a 'I won't get anything else done till I finish this book' kind of read…"
-- Kerri Smith, Safe Harbor Books

"A superb thriller…Antonio Burns is a unique and likeable detective who creates adventure and suspense at every turn and crevice in the rock all the way to an exciting mountaintop climax."
-- Mystery Lovers Bookshop News

"This first novel features cliff-hangers, literal and otherwise, to keep you glued to your reading chair until the very last page."
-- Barnes & Noble Editors

"A real winner...This book will grab you early and provide great entertainment right to the finish...Riveting...I'll certainly be looking for McKinzie's next book."
-- Steve Ackerman, The Readers Exchange

"Combinando ação de escalada nas alturas com o drama borbulhante dos tribunais e pura tensão, No Limiar da Justiça é um suspense sem igual. Tendo por cenário as belas montanhas do Wyoming e o submundo cru do crime, aqui se vê narrativa de alta qualidade - um livro estreante de revirar as entranhas… No Limiar da Justiça é seu primeiro livro de ficção. Seu segundo livro é sobre os fatos que antecederam No Limiar da Justiça e logo serão lançados pela Landscape."
-- Landscape, Brazil

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