Dear Friends and Readers,

A confession: I've been bad.

Despite the queries many of you have sent and the generous encouragement, I've yet to finish another Burns brothers' novel or complete my nonfiction book, MADNESS. I needed a break from writing (and the brothers needed a break from all the torture I've inflicted upon them). Too much time alone dreaming up stories led to too little living getting done, I'm afraid. I began to feel disconnected from what was going on in the world outside my head. About a year and a half ago I was compelled to return to my former job as a criminal prosecutor, where I could again become a part of real-life stories of heroes and villains, outrageous courage and pathetic cowardice, justice and injustice, and all kinds of good deeds and bad.

I expected to be able to write a lot on the side, intending to do so every night. But the peace officer's badge I was entrusted with feels really heavy in my pocket, and it is difficult to find the time and energy to write after giving all I can in court. Especially knowing that my kids are waiting up for me at home. That being said, I do plan to finish MADNESS and get back to the Burns Brothers soon.

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. I hope you, too, will be able hunt down and "kill" all your elusive projects.

Thanks to all for your friendship and support. - Clinton

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