Wyoming DCI Agent Antonio Burns has come to Colorado for a family reunion of sorts. He and his father plan to confront Anton’s brother, Roberto, whose life is teetering on the wrong side of the law. For thirty years a father and his sons have shared an addiction to dangerous, extreme climbing in the world’s most stunning mountain ranges. But Roberto’s addiction is testing the bounds of both gravity and natural law. This might just be their last climb together.

On their first night in the valley, violence erupts around the Burns men, as a bitter dispute between local activists and developers leaves a young man dead. When Roberto stands accused, Anton knows he must find the real killer to clear his brother’s name. Now, with a beautiful renegade environmentalist by his side, Anton embarks on a perilous journey through the jagged peaks—where he will come face-to-face with a woman’s buried secrets, a desperate man’s decade-old sin, and an amazing, undiscovered treasure deep within a hidden labyrinth of caves.

Paperback Super Release by Dell Books 2003
Published in Japanese and Chinese


#1 Super Release in Paperback by Dell Books
USA Today Top 100
Anderson Book Distributors National Bestsellers List
Poisoned Pen Top 10 Paperbacks


"A prequel to McKinzie’s hardcover debut, The Edge of Justice, this testosterone-driven thriller melds the author’s passion for extreme sports with his knowledge of the law (McKinzie is a former deputy district attorney). Even though the book features only two courtroom scenes, its fast-paced plot is rife with legal references, law-enforcement lingo, smart dialogue and vivid characters...This highly readable thriller is still guaranteed to set readers’ hearts racing and establish McKinzie as a rising voice in the genre."
-- Publishers Weekly

"After an impressive debut, Clinton McKinzie returns with an equally exciting follow-up...Mesmerizing...a compelling book with that extra edge of tension making it difficult to put down."
-- The Denver Post

"Plenty of page-turning excitement."
-- Winnipeg Free Press

"In Point of Law the action kicks in early and keeps rolling until the last pages. Onion-like, it has layers and layers of mysteries and subplots."
-- Lesley Dunlap, The Mystery Reader

"When you read one of his books, it will be hard to put it down. They are action-packed and his descriptions make you feel as if you are right next to him when he is scaling his beloved mountains."
-- Diane Margolin,
Santa Monica Star

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